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The NRAI AGM will take place the 11th of February 2017 in the Egan Room in the Bridge House Tullamore at 11am.


2017 League Dates

Please find below the dates for the 2017 F-Class and Sporting rifle leagues as well as the dates for the Emerald international shoot this year.

F Class League

Round 1 26th March
Round 2 23rd April
Round 3 21st May

Emerald: Wed 7th. June Squadded Practice
Thu. 8th. June Long Range 1100 & 1200 yards

Fri. 9th. June Day 1 Individual, 800, 900 & 1000 yds.

Sat 10th. June Day 2 Individual, 800, 900, & 1000yds. (Also to count as round 4 of League)

Sun. 11th. June 4 Man International Team Match followed by presentation.

Round 5 16th. July
Round 6 10th. Sept
Final 5th. Nov

Sporting Rifle League

Round 1 12th. March
Round 2 9th. April
Round 3 14th. May
Round 4 2nd. July
Round 5 3rd. Sept
Round 6 8th. Oct
Final 19th. Nov

F-Class League -  2016 F-class league is back
the NRAI F-class league will resume on sun. 26th.Nov. This will be the 3rd round of the league it will take place at 1030 and will be shot at 800 and 900yds. The 4th. F-Class round will take place on sat 4th. Dec. Round 5 on sun. 11th Dec. Round 6 on sun 18th. Dec. The final will take place on 22nd of January. Over 800, 900 and 1000yds. With 2& 20 at 1000yds.
Presentation will follow this round. Here are the results so far.

Target & Match Rifle League - Dates are available on our calendar.  Entry forms are available here, and fees can be paid on the day of the league. Match formats found here. Please forward your name by text to 085 108 8455.

Sporting Rifle League - The final will take place on the 8th of January 2017. Entry forms are available here, and fees can be paid on the day of the league.  Match Format 2+10 @600 yards shot twice.The  league will run over 6 matches with your 4 best scores counted. Rifle requirement bolt action and magazine fed, caliber is limited to the same as F-Class 8mm there are no weight restrictions on rifles. Please forward your name by text to 0851088455. Final results here.


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